The donation should be given at the beginning of our date in an unsealed envelope. If we happen to meet in a public place, it should be slipped in a magazine or a book. Please note that your donation is only for my time and company. If anything else occurs, it is between two consenting adults.

Dates longer than 4 hours require a 25% deposit and travel costs if we happen to meet outside of Belgium.

Rates Dubai

One hour

2500 dhs

One hour and a half

3300 dhs

Two hours

4000 dhs

Three hours

5500 dhs

Four hours

6500 dhs

Six hours

8500 dhs

Twelve hours

12000 dhs

Twenty-four hours

16000 dhs

Benelux and Europe

First time ?

A brief sweet 2 hours to get acquainted


Let's have a drink !

3 hours to enjoy a drink and more...


Champagne and toast

4 hours for a little snack and some quality time


Wine and dine 

6 hours for a lovely dinner and some secret memories


Express good morning

a short but intense 8 hours overnight


Breakfast in bed 

A 12 hour spicy overnight


A mini trip ?

A 24 hour long adventure


Anything else in mind ?

Send me an email for a tailor made experience !